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Penthara Hiring for internship


Job Description: ReactJS Intern at Penthara

Company: Penthara

Position: ReactJS Intern

Batch: 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2026 passouts

Experience: Students

Salary: 35k - 50k per month



Roles and Responsibilities:

As a ReactJS Intern at Penthara, you will be involved in various aspects of front-end development, utilizing your skills in JavaScript, HTML, and ReactJS. Here are the key roles and responsibilities:

1. JavaScript, HTML, and DOM Manipulation:
   - Develop and implement front-end solutions using JavaScript and HTML.
   - Manipulate Document Object Model (DOM) for dynamic and interactive user interfaces.

2. ReactJS Modules:
   - Design and build ReactJS modules to enhance the user experience.
   - Implement reusable and efficient components.

3. Redux:
   - Utilize Redux for state management in React applications.
   - Implement actions, reducers, and connect components to the Redux store.

4. TypeScript:
   - Work with TypeScript to enhance the robustness of the codebase.
   - Ensure type safety and better development practices.

5. Rest APIs:
   - Integrate with Rest APIs to fetch and update data within the React application.
   - Handle asynchronous operations effectively.

6. Node Package Manager (NPM):
   - Use NPM to manage and install project dependencies.
   - Stay updated with the latest packages and libraries.

7. Gulp:
   - Implement build processes and task automation using Gulp.
   - Streamline development workflows.

8. Git:
   - Collaborate with version control using Git.
   - Contribute to code repositories, branches, and merges.

9. Familiarity with the Following (Plus):
   - CSS/SCSS: Understanding and application of styling languages for consistent and visually appealing designs.
   - Jest/Enzyme: Knowledge of testing libraries for React applications.


As a ReactJS Intern at Penthara, you will play a crucial role in front-end development, gaining hands-on experience with industry-leading technologies. This internship provides an opportunity to work on real-world projects, enhance your skills in ReactJS and related technologies, and contribute to the success of the development team. The roles and responsibilities encompass a wide range of tasks, ensuring a holistic learning experience for interns. Prepare to showcase your proficiency in ReactJS, JavaScript, and related tools during the interview process. This internship is an exciting stepping stone for students aspiring to build a career in front-end development. Good luck!

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