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Saleforc hiring for Software Engineer

Saleforc hiring for Software Engineer

Job Description:

- Company: Salesforce

- Position: Software Engineer

- Experience: Experience

- Job Type: Full Time

Salary by Location:
- California: $146,600 - $305,600
- Colorado: $133,400 - $254,700
- New York: $146,600 - $305,600
- Washington: $133,400 - $280,200


Salesforce is seeking talented software engineers to make a significant impact through their code. As a software engineer, you will work with a team of exceptional engineers to create features that customers will love while maintaining a stable and scalable platform. This role includes architecture, design, implementation, and testing to ensure high-quality product releases.

Salesforce offers various opportunities across applications and platforms, from Sales Cloud to Marketing Cloud, IoT, Analytics, and more.

Your Impact:

- Architect, design, implement, test, and deliver highly scalable products.
- Master the development process, culture, and code base, then enhance them.
- Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including engineers, product managers, and user experience experts.
- Mentor others in development technologies, tools, and processes.
- Present your designs to internal/external groups and review others' designs.
- Develop test strategies and automation frameworks, write unit/functional tests, and maintain code coverage and automation metrics.

Required Skills:

- Technical degree required.
- 4+ years of front-end engineering experience.
- Proficiency in web technologies like TypeScript, JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, XML, JSON, or Ajax.
- Experience with front-end technologies like ReactJS, Flux, Redux, Relay/GraphQL, ReactNative, Ember.js, Node.js.
- Understanding of object-oriented programming languages (e.g., Java, JavaScript, C++, C#, Ruby, Python).
- Knowledge of automated testing tools (Java, JUnit, JSUnit, Selenium, Mocha, QUnit).
- Strong interpersonal skills.

Preferred Skills:

- Experience building highly scalable web applications.
- Strong grasp of object-oriented development concepts and MVC.
- Agile software development experience.
- Familiarity with Lightning Web Components (LWC).
- Proficiency in PHP and Java.
- Knowledge of database technologies such as SQL, PL/SQL, and relational database schema design.

Tips for Cracking Interviews:

1. Research Salesforce: Learn about the company's products, culture, and values.
2. Tailor Your Resume: Highlight relevant skills and experience.
3. Interview Preparation: Be ready for technical and behavioral questions.
4. Showcase Your Skills: Use specific examples to demonstrate your abilities.
5. Ask Questions: Prepare thoughtful questions for the interviewers.

Top 10 Common Interview Questions (for Salesforce or similar software engineering roles):

1. Tell us about your background and why you're interested in Salesforce.
2. Describe a challenging software development project you've worked on.
3. What programming languages and tools are you proficient in?
4. How do you stay updated with the latest tech trends and developments?
5. Discuss a time when you collaborated effectively in a team.
6. How do you approach problem-solving and debugging in coding?
7. What interests you about the specific projects or areas you'd work on at Salesforce?
8. Talk about your experience with coding practices and code reviews.
9. How do you manage time and meet deadlines in a fast-paced work environment?
10. Do you have any questions about the role or Salesforce as a company?

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