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TEKsystems is hiring for PLSQL Developer

TEKsystems is hiring for PLSQL Developer

Job Description: PLSQL Developer at TEKsystems

Experience: 4+ Years

Location: Hyderabad

Notice Period: Immediate to 30 Days

Required Skills:
- Strong expertise in PLSQL Development with 4-5 years of hands-on experience in implementing OLAP & Enterprise Data Warehouse Projects.
- Ability to perform Data Analysis, visualize Data patterns, and a good understanding of Data Quality.
- Good knowledge of SQL query processing and performance tuning.
- Knowledge of Data Warehousing (DW) data population techniques (ETL/ELT) for target structures such as Star Schemas and Snowflake Schemas.

Tips for Cracking Interviews:
1. Research TEKsystems: Learn about the company's services and values.
2. Tailor Your Resume: Highlight your relevant PLSQL experience and expertise in Data Warehousing projects.
3. Be Prepared for Technical Questions: Expect questions related to PLSQL development, data analysis, and Data Warehousing concepts.
4. Showcase Your Performance Tuning Skills: Provide examples of how you've optimized SQL query processing.
5. Emphasize Your Data Quality Knowledge: Explain how you've ensured data quality in previous projects.

Top 10 Common Interview Questions (for TEKsystems or similar PLSQL Developer roles):
1. Describe your experience with PLSQL development and its role in Data Warehousing.
2. How have you implemented OLAP and Enterprise Data Warehouse Projects?
3. Can you provide examples of data analysis and data pattern visualization in your previous work?
4. Explain your approach to ensuring data quality in Data Warehousing projects.
5. Discuss your knowledge of SQL query processing and performance tuning.
6. Have you worked with ETL/ELT processes for data population in Data Warehousing, and if so, how?
7. Describe your experience in designing Star Schemas and Snowflake Schemas for target structures.
8. How do you handle complex data transformations in a Data Warehouse project?
9. Can you provide an example of a challenging PLSQL problem you've solved in the past?
10. Do you have any questions for us regarding the role or TEKsystems?

Customize your responses based on your qualifications and experience. Best of luck with your application and interviews!

Interested candidates please share your resume to bsireesha@teksystems.com

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