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Oracle hiring for Internship


Job Description: Oracle Intern for Students

Company: Oracle 

Batch: 2024, 2025, 2026, and 2027 passouts

Experience: Students

Salary: 50k per month



Roles and Responsibilities:

As an intern at Oracle, you will be part of a dynamic and innovative team, gaining hands-on experience and contributing to various projects. While specific roles and responsibilities may vary depending on the department and project, here are the common aspects of your internship:

1. Learning and Skill Development:
   - Engage in a learning-oriented environment to develop and enhance your skills in technology, business, and teamwork.
   - Participate in training sessions and workshops designed to nurture your talent.

2. Project Involvement:
   - Collaborate with experienced professionals on real-world projects.
   - Contribute to project development, testing, and implementation.

3. Research and Analysis:
   - Conduct research and analysis to gather insights and information related to your project.
   - Summarize findings and provide recommendations.

4. Documentation:
   - Maintain accurate records and documentation of project activities and results.
   - Create reports, presentations, and other project-related materials.

5. Collaboration:
   - Work closely with cross-functional teams and colleagues to achieve project goals.
   - Share ideas and insights to contribute to project success.

6. Innovation and Problem-Solving:
   - Explore innovative solutions to challenges and problems encountered during the internship.
   - Participate in brainstorming and ideation sessions.

7. Professional Development:
   - Gain exposure to Oracle's corporate culture and values.
   - Build a strong professional network and enhance your career development.


An internship at Oracle provides an exciting opportunity for students to gain practical experience, develop new skills, and contribute to real projects. While the specific roles and responsibilities may vary, the overarching goal is to support your learning and growth.

During your internship, you will work alongside experienced professionals, participate in meaningful projects, and engage in a collaborative and innovative environment. This experience will serve as a valuable stepping stone in your career development and may open up future opportunities within Oracle or the broader industry.

Prepare to make the most of your internship by actively participating in project activities, learning from your colleagues, and contributing your insights. This is a fantastic way to kickstart your professional journey and gain practical experience with a global technology leader. Good luck with your internship at Oracle!

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