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How to remove the Activate Windows Watermark?


If you are seeing the "Activate Windows" watermark on your computer, it is likely due to one of the following reasons:

1. Expired Windows License:
   - If your Windows license has expired, the watermark will appear. Ensure that your license is up to date.

2. Invalid License Key:
   - If you entered a license key that is not valid or has been used by others, the watermark may persist. Use a legitimate and unique license key.

3. Mismatched Windows Version:
   - If the installed Windows version does not match the purchased key, the watermark can show. Ensure your Windows version aligns with the provided key.

4. Unreliable Activation Tools:
   - The use of unreliable or third-party activation tools may lead to activation issues and the appearance of the watermark. Choose trustworthy sources for activation.

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